I’m pleased to announce a show of new photographic works will be appearing at Smith’s Alternative Gallery. The show is called Notes and comprises a series of photographs that explore our relationship with music. They capture themes such as sensuality, melancholy and solace. The instruments form an extension of our bodies, just as the music they produce forms a world that frames our lived experience. The instruments can be anything from an extra body part to a friend to a mirror of our selves and our worlds. the final number of works is yet to be determined but will be around 7. Marina will also be displaying new sculptural works.

The show features my continued collaborations with Marina as 2 Tens & A Tomato.

  • Opening: 6pm 5 February 2016
  • Where: Smith’s Alternative, Alinga Street Canberra City
  • When: 4 February – 25 February 2016
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