Geoffrey Dunn photo published in frankie magazine
frankie article featuring my photo of Fred

One of the things I’m attempting to do with this blog is to make a record of projects I’m working on or the smaller ones that occur that I’m not necessarily publicising or recording elsewhere. This also means I have catching up to do before the blog rolls along more or less in real-time. Back in September I had a photograph published in Issue 43 of frankie magazine. The photo was a portrait I had done of friend Fred Smith in front of his shed and titled appropriately A Man and His Shed. It was chosen to accompany an article written to assist in the launch of Fred’s latest album Dust of Uruzgan which was also released in September. The article was written by freelance journalist Jenna Hand.

One thing I really like about frankie is the feel of the magazine … its paper and the way it’s printed with a light desaturation of colour and a slight retro vibe. It looks great and reads fresh. It’s weighty too and I was chuffed to have my picture published in it.

Apparently when most other magazines were shrinking in readership over the past two years frankie has increased its circulation to 210,000. Well done.