black and white image of a droplet falling and refracting a checkerboard background

My colour - your colour
blending unseen against solidity
As pattern is introduced
My being warps it
Becomes visible
Clearly refracting 
seen only as a distortion of your regularity
bending the very rays
and become visible against them
perfect imperfection reveals
a passing lens

I remember falling past you
on my way to a fluidic oblivion
the relic of a splash I made when I was someone else

Water and the refraction of light are common themes in my work. I remember being in primary school and realising that things were visible only if they shone with their own light or reflected light into my eyes. I had this little mirror I used to take to school and I would play games with it like positioning it in the grass on the oval at just the right angle so that it effectively disappeared. I would then spin around or close my eyes for a time, and proceed to look for it … could I pick out the tiny replication that signalled where the reflection was? That moment of suspense when I thought that perhaps, this time I had actually lost the mirror… upon reflection (no pun intended) I was maybe a little odd as a child. Not that much has changed, I was in love with light even then.

When did you realise you were in love with light? Was there a moment when you really noticed it … noticed it or simply became aware of it? Do tell πŸ™‚

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