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2 Tens & A Tomato is the name for the artistic collaborations of Geoffrey Dunn and Marina. Geoff and Marina are local Canberran artists who have been collaborating since 2013. Their work combines photography, sculpture and poetry. They find inspiration in beauty, surrealism, the human form and each other’s art.

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Barriers: Break or Breakthrough

Exciting news! Marina and Geoffrey Dunn are proud to present our new show Barriers: Break or Breakthrough at the Belconnen Community Centre. 

Change is a fundamental part of the human experience. Often our difficulty in accepting change can stem from our inability to understand it. Barriers explores the the transitional processes involved in interpreting change.

The exhibition revolves around the centerpiece of a glass-encased clay sculpture of a human skull, which acts as both metaphor and motif of change. Meditations upon the centerpiece take the form of sculptures, and poetry.

  • Opening: 6pm Wednesday 18th November
  • Where: gallery@bcs – Belconnen Community Centre
  • Duration: 18-27th November

You can have a sneak peek at the draft artwork for the show here!

P.S We had such a great time making flyers, we thought they shouldn’t go to waste 🙂 – check out the other two versions if you are in the mood for procrastination Flyer 2 Flyer 3

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