Art Documentation - Fran Ifould

Doing some art documentation of 4 works on paper (books actually) for Braidwood artist Fran Ifould. The works look fantastic and I'm looking forward to documenting them for her. Stay tuned :-)

Fred Smith’s Dust of Uruzgan CD Launch - in review

I think the gig marked a real step-up in the stage-craft and production of a Fred Smith performance. As always, his songs were passionate and rendered well and his band (Liz Frencham (double bass), Lachlan Coventry (pedal steel and electric guitar) and John Jones (drums)) supplied excellent and solid support. The addition of projected images of Afghanistan worked well too. The audience was made up of an eclectic mix with many folk attending their first show after hearing a couple of tracks on the radio. ABC Canberra’s Virginia Haussegger introduced both sets with great gush. I never realised she was such a fan. I had the privilege of attending the soundcheck to get some stills of Fred and his band prior to the show and am attaching a couple of them for you to have a look at. There is a larger set to be found at Fred’s page on Lushpup Images.

Published in frankie Magazine


Geoffrey Dunn photo published in frankie magazine
frankie article featuring my photo of Fred

One of the things I'm attempting to do with this blog is to make a record of projects I'm working on or the smaller ones that occur that I'm not necessarily publicising or recording elsewhere. This also means I have catching up to do before the blog rolls along more or less in real-time. Back in September I had a photograph published in Issue 43 of frankie magazine. The photo was a portrait I had done of friend Fred Smith in front of his shed and titled appropriately A Man and His Shed. It was chosen to accompany an article written to assist in the launch of Fred's latest album Dust of Uruzgan which was also released in September. The article was written by freelance journalist Jenna Hand.

One thing I really like about frankie is the feel of the magazine ... its paper and the way it's printed with a light desaturation of colour and a slight retro vibe. It looks great and reads fresh. It's weighty too and I was chuffed to have my picture published in it.

Apparently when most other magazines were shrinking in readership over the past two years frankie has increased its circulation to 210,000. Well done.

M16 Exhibition 6-23 October 2011 - Nicci Haynes and Geoffrey Dunn

Funny things exhibitions. Always trying to strike that balance between feeling true to your art ... putting it out there and making it pay. M16 Artspace is a great space to show in ... light, airy and sophisticated. I showed a total of 9 new works and sold one ... Nicci had 91 works bringing our total to 100! My works featured my artistic photographic interpretations of Nicci's work and the show segued together nicely. The opening was fun too. The gallery had to get more wine though that's perhaps more a reflection on the quality of clientele we attract(!) We had well over a hundred people come through which was terrific considering the NLA was opening the new Treasures wing and every arts and culture reporter was down there for that.

Wedding - Jane & Charlie

Jane and Charlie are talented musicians, I had taken the pictures for Jane's album Worlds Apart which was released earlier this year.

I do very few weddings. I did this one because Jane was persistent.  She had heard why I don't do weddings (several times). I'm glad I did this one ... that she kept at me ... it was fun and they loved their pictures.

Bedervale: second visitation

A recent trip to the historic property of Bedervale near Braidwood. Friend Victoria the sculptress' family owns the property which is also part of the National Trust. I travelled out there with Jude and Greer. It was a stunning day

B+W ND110E 10 stop filter - testing

I recently tried out my B+W ND110 filter on some coasty water. I liked the results. These were shot using a Sigma 10-20mm on a D80 body using a tripod. Exposure time was around 30seconds each. I shot in Manual because the camera kept underexposing by a long way ... I had this idea that the body would adapt to the 10stop reduction in light and adjust shutter speed accordingly but it didn't seem to. Anyways, I liked the results. Read more