Hi, my name is Geoffrey and I’m a photographer. I have been interested in photography and taking photographs from an early age. I have 15 years experience as a semi-professional musician, formal training as a scientist and an intense love of the visual.

I am self-taught through observation of the visual world and the multitude ways it is represented. My portfolio illustrates my ability to capture beauty and expression extending across many genres of photography from the personal to the macroscopic.

I have been published in print, online and I regularly exhibit in both solo and collaborative shows.

I am based in Canberra, Australia but am able to travel anywhere by arrangement. Apart from helping you look even more fabulous than you already do, I like to capture performing artists and musicians.

Please remember that all of the images presented here are owned in full by the photographer with all rights reserved. If you like an image you’ve seen during your visit and would like a print, copy or are interested in using it in some other fashion, please contact him directly.