Rusted mesh fence

Falling out of the habit of writing

Not that I’m running out of things to talk about … quite the contrary, my mind is often full of ideas and thoughts all competing to get out. Sometimes in conversation I am so internally focused on the discussion that the conversation has moved on by the time my bit is ready to go … other times I hear someone talking, think ‘that sounds interesting I should listen to that’ only to find it is in fact me talking! Thankfully that weirdness doesn’t happen too often.

Writing, I find, gives me an opportunity to focus, to concentrate, to refine in a way that conversation doesn’t. The poems, the haiku, the questioning and searching … it all makes more sense when written down rather than floating as abstracts in my head. That once I chose a subject to write about the rest just flows … it’s the choosing I find difficult. Like what image to post next(?) … that is the hardest decision for me with regard to this blog. There are so many to choose from but which one conveys what I’m trying to say now? Once I decide I can find something to write about it. I do like those blogs where only the image is placed … sometimes no text at all. They have a minimalism that I admire but still I sometimes wish I knew more about the thoughts behind it. It lends a level of understanding of what the photographer is trying to say … what did they want you to see by placing this image in a place where you are going to see it? Why put an image up if you didn’t want people to ‘see’ something in it.

Today, it’s a picture of a mesh fence, the background fernland dissolved into a warm bokeh. The fence for me is that barrier to my mind … the filter that lets thoughts in and out … it’s a little rusty like my writing skills of late … I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing you see.

I can feel myself falling back in too … thankfully.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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