Old clocks

Clocks show their faces
moments pass us by in silence
there is no time today

Time. I’ve never truly gotten a handle on it … slippery thing that it is. I can count. I count really well. I count in even beats and measures … I turned this into percussion and music … it seemed a natural progression. I read an interesting series of articles in New Scientist recently on the nature of time … of causation both forward and backward (think about that for a bit … something in the future having a causal effect on the past). Of how time doesn’t inherently have direction …that it doesn’t implicitly flow one way or the other – it is how we perceive time that makes it appear that it flows. That bends my mind it – really does.

What is time to you? What your watch or phone says. Is it a feeling or a notion? Is it an instant or a the suite of sensations that accompany an event or moment? For me it can be all of those things … how about you? I’m interested.

About the photo:
Camera: Mamiya 645 Super with 80mm f/2.8
Film: Fuji FP-3000B B&W Polaroid
Scanned: my dusty 3-in-1 multifunction scanner
Subject: Old clock sitting on the piano at Ness
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