Fern unfolding, it's fiddle-head unfurling.


Damp, earthy – a faint musk
Cool, verdant
quiet … still
Fractal patterns stretch
Unfolding gently, chaos becomes ordinary
and repeated
and repeated – seeming endlessly
easy to dismiss, to overlook as all alike
they're copies to a point
each unique – new and ancient both

Reaching for the light
As I to you
unfurling in hope that the light will come
Do you see me here in the fernland?
beneath the trees
striving for the dappled
When I find it I thrive
Without it a piece of me dies

(June 2012)


I'm not a religious person, let me just state that up front. Sometimes when I look over what I've written, I can see how some of the writing could be viewed that way … all this striving and longing for light stuff. What I am striving for is a completeness that I don't find in my day-to-day life. A feeling that I glimpse every now and again of a natural patterning (and I emphatically do not refer to design) at once simple and mind-bendingly complex. I see it in the sky, in the forming of clouds or the way light refracts through a freshly rained droplet. Or in this case the fiddle-head of a fernlet reaching through the dark. I see them as beautiful but I also have the rationality to know that it's me who's labeling them that way. That they, in all likelihood would exist and go on without my observations … or would they? Sounds like a discussion over a glass of wine (or three)! Anyways, enough rambling. Enjoy!

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