Figure of a man searching rocky wave platform bathed in golden dawn light

A couple of weeks ago I attended an artists retreat down on the far south coast of New South Wales. I had my oculus, my glass sphere with me and I was down at the beach before dawn each morning looking for that time when light and landscape come together to create something breathtaking.

Sometimes a picture seems to assemble itself before my eyes. I get this feeling as a scene unfolds, like a premonition, that right this moment or very soon after something beautiful is happening in front of me or 'just over there'. Perhaps it is simply my mind opening itself to the possibility of beauty … that I am allowing myself to be open to what is unfolding in front of me. Other times I can be surrounded by a terrific scene and light but I'm oblivious to it as I search for something within it … something beyond it. Those times I'm looking to scratch an itch I can't reach … I know there's something there but I can't see it … yet! This picture is a rare one of me doing just that.

This is a picture of me taken by my friend Helga as I walked across the wave platform in the light just after dawn holding my oculus out in front of looking for the spot … in my left hand I'm cradling my camera and my back pocket holds my cable release and intervalometer. I have an obsessive gleam in my eye that speaks of concentration and an early start. I am surrounded by superb golden dawnlight that the ocean spray is carrying in foggy curtains around me … beautiful!

About five minutes after this picture was taken I was taking the photograph below (which blogged about here) … I had found the spot … I had seen beyond and now I'm sharing it with you.

Rockt coast at dawn seen refracted through a glass sphere

How about you? Do you search, often surrounded by beauty but oblivious to it? Maybe you find yourself standing inside a tree heavy with spring blossom and buzzing loudly with bees looking for that bloom that speaks for the tree … that speaks for all of spring? The leaf that speaks for Autumn… do you find yourself finding the spot?

I'd like to know 🙂

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