High key photograph of autumnal maple leaves against bright sky

I love light – I really do … especially in Autumn as the leaves turn and the light takes on a crisper feel. I love that moment each year when you step outside and realise that the light has changed … that it’s now striking at a different angle, it’s quality altered … that the season has moved on – even if you haven’t. Soon that crispness in the air will become deeper bone-chilling cold and the light will become weaker yet somehow clearer. In south-eastern Australia we have four definite seasons though the local indigenous peoples recognised six. They were a little more in tune with their natural world than I think we are.

Here in Australia, we have amazing light. Light that illuminates with a clarity and intensity I’ve seen in very few other places … South Africa is one. They have the endless sky too.

What about you? What is the light like where you live?

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