I was a walking in the Autumnal sunshine last Sunday afternoon and came across these engraved padlocks on the bridge to Aspen Island (or ‘Carillon Island’). Some of them are quite recent (as in yesterday) and the oldest dates back to late 2012. I can only assume they’re paying homage to the global phenomena ‘Love Locks’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_padlocks).



I counted a total of eight(!) … things tend to move slowly in Canberra so we’ve a fair ways to go until we approach the Pont des Arts in Paris or the Ponte Milvio in Rome.

Most of them bear the names of the lovers and a date … however there’s at least one cryptic inscription which reads;

Rm 701

Love to hear reader’s guesses as to the meaning of that one!





Are Love Locks appearing in your part of the world? Do they encrust bridges and walkways?

For those with a geographical bent … here’s the location of the bridge to Aspen Island which incidentally is the location of the National Carillon … a gift by the British Government to celebrate Canberra’s 50th birthday. This year the city celebrates it’s centenary.

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