Man Up Geoff! says the photo-bombing carp

So, my ADSL went kaput last Monday night sometime. ISP checked all they could, have sent replacement modem (which still hasn’t arrived) not that it’s likely to do any good as the line tech who came this afternoon discovered that the line appears to have been disconnected at the Civic exchange. A line trace from the exchange end returns a line length of zero meters!

That’s fine, I guess, they just need to reconnect it right? You’d think so. But then I receive an SMS from my ISP late this arvo saying my fault requires ‘further investigation’ and is expected to be rectified no later than 7pm 15th March! Tha Fuck? 15th of bloody March!

Grumbles bloody mumbles.

That’s right Geoff just MTFU… it’s likely a healthy thing really.
So now I’m trying to post to my blog via my phone. It’s a bit slower!

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