The wonderful musician Lisa Richards recently engaged me to create an image for the back cover of her new CD release A Light From The Other Side. Lisa had seen a moody montage I published using a photograph of Marina … she loved it and wanted something in a similar mood for the cover. I explained that it was a montage and I would be happy to shoot some studio images of her and simply place (I say simply but successful montages are never really ever simple) her into the existing montage. I had to adjust the document to fit in the dimensions provided by the graphic designer but we were very pleased with the result.


And here’s the completed cover.


Since we were in the studio we took some publicity type pictures as well.

The album is pre-selling now. I really like it. Do yourself a favour* and grab a copy. Do visit Lisa’s website too and have a listen to her previous work … great listening 🙂


*apologies to Molly Meldrum 😉