Friday Carasmello Lushpuppy 1999-2013

Last Thursday we made the decision to have beloved family member Friday put to sleep. She had been with us for 14 years

Friday had been suffering a degenerative spinal condition and went downhill rapidly. She was an elderly dog and up until a month ago had been going on hour-long walks as she had every day of her life. However we were not prepared really for just how quickly she deteriorated. She in many ways defined our family's relationship and her passing is deeply felt. I'm OK now but was a mess last week.

The veterinarian came to the house on Thursday morning. She was put to sleep after being surrounded by those who knew and loved her. The end was very quick. She was buried at her second home at the out-laws farm overlooking the hills she loved to roam.

Bye sweet girl … you'll be missed.


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