It's tending toward late and I'm thinking I'll just quickly post this coz otherwise it won't happen until tomorrow night and … and …well here I am posting late again. These pictures are the result of one of those occasions when the plan doesn't go according to plan, but rather than fret that it's not, just going with wherever you end up. Yesterday was cold here with heavy rain cells moving through every hour or so. The temperature struggled in the single figures and the wind was extra bitey and fiercely strong. I had resolved that morning to go and continue my 'Deserted and decaying shopping centres' series but while driving to my destination I missed the expressway exit and found myself heading down toward the National Arboretum instead … OK that's all right I thought … I'll head up one of the hills … might be a rainbow or something else up there … what it was up there was bloody windy and freezing … let's just say 'totally fresh' … thank goodness for leather jackets! There was a cell moving in and I stayed out long enough to get hailed upon to capture this beauty of stormlight…



and another in darker processing moodiness



and a rainbow of course πŸ™‚


The winter rains … they finally came … this morning the mountains were all dusted in snow (apparently) I wasn't fool enough to go up for a second helping this morning πŸ˜‰


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