vibrant orange and yellow autumnal foliageCanberra has had one of the most spectacular autumn displays in years. A combination of the drought breaking last year and a very mild, wet summer. The oaks and maples are still running yellows but the main show met the icy winter blasts that heralded the beginning of winter’s grip … great cold fronts dragging up air from the antarctic. Where there were streets transformed into riotous displays of colour, trees now reach for the sky with branches bare save a few hardy splashes of colour clinging on.

The first picture was taken of a golden ash in full flight using a Lensbaby 3G … a quirky little lens that can produce outstanding results. The second picture, below, is the back deck after a recent rainshower. You could likely guess what kind of trees we have in the back yard…

autumn leaves scattered on a wet wooden deck

For a lot of you it will be late spring or early summer. Canberra, although known as the ‘Bush Capital’, has many exotic tree species and plantings … which I find kind of nice as the Euclaypts, being evergreen, aren’t renowned for their spectacular seasonal shows. Autumn in Canberra is gorgeous. Do you have native flora where you live? A mix? Is the landscape around you so modified by people as to form a new kind of ‘natural’ or native?


Geoffrey Dunn is a Canberra based photographer specialising in portraiture and event photography.




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