In your eyes
I see the world anew

feel an unconditional love
see the joy in life
and the small things that matter

the beauty
of mud between my toes
of creating something new

the tears
at the injustice of the world
of frustration when it just didn’t work out

When you look at me I see myself in you
see the love returned
I feel you there
feel you working me out
you see the mixed emotions in my eyes
the love for you

In your eyes
I see your life stretch out to horizons I cannot imagine
things I will never see
… I see my own mortality then
as I felt when you were born
I knew then my days were numbered by you


My life is yours

(22 January 2014)

 A poem I wrote for my children and featured in Two Tens & A Tomato




Geoffrey Dunn is a Canberra based photographer specialising in portraiture and event photography.




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