standing on land’s edge

water draining back to sea

feet sink deeper still


Spent a couple of days with the kids at the south coast this weekend. When I say south coast I mean the south coast of New South Wales … the Sapphire Coast if you listen to the tourism bods. Canberra you see is a landlocked capital and about 2 hours drive from the coast … not very far … and a pleasant drive too. It just seems a long way when you’re in Canberra but not very far at all when you’re standing with your feet in the waves. It was cold by the way … it being winter down this way and the water temperature is around 14-15°C … a bit too cold for swimming but vibrant on the toes! The water was beautifully clear.

These pictures were taken with my phone as I stood watching the kids muck about in the sand and rockpools. I adore that feeling as the water drains from it’s sigh up the beach and sluices sandily past your feet … and … if you wriggle your feet … you sink a little … somehow becoming more fixed to a point within an environment ever-changing … it’s the kind of juxtaposition that does something for me – it really does. A little seaside pull 🙂

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