Sun’s departing rays

day collapses into embers

hot kisses linger

While at the coast on the weekend I witnessed a brief but fiery sunset. I was reminded of a quiet fireplace, embers burning aglow and of how a sunset is like the sun drawing the light of the day back into itself as it departs the sky … the earth still warm and glowing from it’s day-long kiss. An utterly romantic view of course of otherwise straightforward planetary rotation, but I like to indulge the romantic notion of collapsing light and embered skies.It adds a certain beauty to the world and that transition from day into night which we loosely call twilight when it is neither day nor night but a betwixt and between of experience and anticipation … a time when there’s a seeming pause to the world.

And then there’s ‘hot kisses linger’ … well they do … don’t they? 🙂


Saturday’s Sunset was captured at Malua Bay on the south coast of New South Wales … the sky was afire but only for a moment.

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