Not only my first Greek Orthodox christening but my first photo shoot of a Greek Orthodox christening to boot. Not one but three babies, all cousins, were christened last weekend at St Nicholas’ Church. Not being a regular attendee at church services, I took the opportunity to read up on the ceremony before the day arrived … to get an idea of who would be standing where and what the different components would entail. I even visited the websites of photographers specialising in christenings to see what sort of pictures they got … research I believe it’s called 😉 and I’m very glad I did. I got to the church well before the ceremony to check out the light and to speak with the Fathers about where I could and could not go … ‘…anywhere but the steps up to the sacred place!’ … no problem … anywhere but the steps up to the sacred place! Got it!

It was very interesting day and also a very hot and humid one. I had a great time, took some lovely photographs which the families are very pleased with and hope to do it again.


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